segunda-feira, 13 de outubro de 2008

Death Yell - Morbid Rites 2007

Death Black metal desde Chile...
Iniciada en el año 1988

1.Obsessed by the Vision06:01
2.Confessions After Death05:53
3.Victim or Hangman05:49
4.Vengeance from Darkness01:02
5.Pain and Fear Days07:42
6.Heavenly Injustice07:28
7.Heavenly Injustice (live)05:14
8.Piece of Time (live)04:24
9.Bluffer (live)03:11
10.Victim or Hangman (live)05:25
11.Will Never Enjoy (live)06:30
12.Confessions After Death (live)02:29

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