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Necromessiah - Antiklerical Terroristik Death Squad (2007)

1.Intro (Vatican Burning) 01:54
2.Atomic Bloodshed 04:14
3.Marching For Hell 02:21
4.Christ-Crushing Black Metal 03:34
5.Terror Squad 03:16
6.666 Necroalkolterrorist 02:46
7.In The Name of God Let The Churches Burn 02:21
8.Fukking Bastard God 02:45
9.Evil Prophets 02:49
10.Total Blasphemy 02:30
Total playing time 28:30


Necronomicon (Ger) - Necronomicon (1986)

1.Dark Land 06:48
2.Possessed By Evil 04:21
3.Bloody Revenge 03:49
4.Insanity 03:03
5.Blind Destruction 03:53
6.Hades Invasion 04:34
7.Magic Forest 05:49
8.Iron Charm 05:40
Total playing time 37:57


Master's Hammer - The Mass (1989) demo

1.Intro 01:58
2.Zapálili jsme Onen svìt 04:45
3.Signum Diabolis 03:39
4.Èerná svatozáø 06:40
5.Skryté síly 03:25
6.Vìèný návrat 03:45
7.The Mass 03:03
8.Vykoupení 05:46
9.Kolem kotle 09:26
Total playing time 42:25


Anael - Necromantic Rituals (2003)

1.Intro 00:28
2.Worship Of Death 03:28
3.Into The Dark 03:44
4.Vomit Of The Earth 05:05
5.Possessed By The Ancient... 05:31
6.Father Of The Doom 06:06
7.Vigour 03:29
8.Necromantic Rituals 03:32
9.Bestial Opera 01:29
10.The Poisoned Kiss 03:07
11.Last Salutation 04:49
Total playing time 40:48


Dark Angel - Leave Scars

1.The Death of Innocence
2.Never to Rise Again
3.No One Answers
5.Immigrant Song (Led Zeppelin cover)
6.Older Than Time Itself
8.The Promise of Agony
9.Leave Scars

Venom-Bathory - Split - Bootleg

1 - In league with Satan
2 - Bloodlust
3 - Die hard
4 - Bursting out
5 - War head
6 - Lady lust
7 - Manitou
1 - In nomine Satanas
2 - Die in fire
3 - Burning leather
4 - Satan my master
5 - The return of darkness and evil

Mercyful Fate - Live 1984

Live in Hilversum:
1. Intro
2. Black Masses
3. Curce of the Pharahoas
4. Evil
5. Gypsy/Into the Coven
Live in Copenhagen:
6. Into the Coven
7. A corpse without a soul
8. Return of the vampire
Live in Eindhoven:
9. Doomed by the Living Dead
10. Black Masses
11. Curse of the Pharao
12. Evil

Destruction - Speed Kills (Demo)

01. Mad Butcher
02. Total Disaster
03. Antichrist
04. Front Beast

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Alastor (Prt) - Infernal Lord - 2004

1.Condenacão: Introducão01:03
2.Destruicão Do Paraíso04:14
3.Reino Dos Mortos04:06
4.Invocacão Nocturna04:49
5.Senhor Das Trevas03:47
7.Templo De Satanás04:03
8.Violence And Force (Exciter cover)03:41
9.Tempestades Infernais05:37
10.Condenacão Eterna01:12
Total playing time38:17

Alastor (Prt) - Crushing Christendom - 2000

1.The Return Of Alastor01:13
2.Spawn Of Evil05:01
3.Infernal Power03:57
4.Witch Hammer05:09
6.The Fall Of God00:47
7.Total Devastation04:20
8.Black Mass06:00
9.Power Thrashing Death (Whiplash cover)04:17
Total playing time34:37
senha : Norskian

Naer Mataron - 2005 - Discipline Manifesto

01 - Extreme Unction (09:42)
02 - Blessing Of Sin (07:52)
03 - For The New Man (03:03)
04 - Arrival Of The Caesar (05:58)
05 - Blast Furnace (04:53)
06 - The Day Is Breaking (06:59)
07 - The Last Loyal (05:26)
08 - Land Of Dreams (06:01)
09 - Last Man Against Time (09:14

Naer Mataron - River at Dash Scalding - 2003

1.As The Clouds Of War Gather01:19
2.The Continuity Of Land And Blood03:11
3.The Great Meridian Tide08:46
4.Revolt Against The Modern World06:41
5.The Life And Death of Europa Part I. Cosmogonia (Life) Part II. Kalki The Avenger-Lightning And The Sun (Death)06:40
6.The Triumph Of Will05:07
8.Salvatores Dei09:12
9.The Plunderer (Ved Buens Ende cover)03:49
Total playing time54:33

Naer Mataron - Skotos Aenaon - 2001

1.... And Bloodshed Must Be Done02:51
2.Diastric Fields Of War06:39
4.Skotos Aenaon04:56
7.Wolf Of Ions07:50
8.In Honor Of The Wolf06:40
9.Winterwar Memorial06:00
Total playing time55:19

Naer Mataron - Up From the Ashes - 1998

1. The Chosen Son 02:36
2. Faethon 06:19
3. Zephyrous 05:35
4. (Ta En Eleusini Mystiria) 04:08
5. Zeus ( Wrath Of The Gods) 04:07
6. The Silent Kingdom Of Hades 06:43
7. The Great God Pan 06:14
Total playing time 35:42

Alastor - Hellward - 2001

Band: Alastor
Album: Hellward
Year: 2001
Country: Portugal

Genre: Black/Thrash Metal
Length: 36:18
Filesize: 89 MB

1.Para O Mundo Inferior03:19
2.Ataque Final Do Inferno04:27
3.Rainha Dos Mortos05:38
4.Demónios Antigos04:12
5.Sacrifício Em Golgota03:55
6.Serva De Satanás04:29
7.(Metal) Blasfémia Eterna06:26
8.Sinner (Iron Angel Cover)03:52

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Folklord - Resistance - 2004

1.The Secret of Steel - Part 107:11
2.Sons of War06:17
3.Os Doentes02:54
4.A Warrior and his Battle06:19
5.Pagan Ritual (A Call to the Ancient Ones)04:11
6.Resistência Pagana (The Inkas' Revenge)07:06
7.The Cursed Egyptian Saga10:01
8.Hail to Nature!!!03:15
9.The Secret of Steel - Part II07:54
Total playing time55:12

Necrocifer - O Mal Negro - 2006

1.Pela Glória das Almas Negras

2.O Mal Negro

3.Leitos Mortos

Total playing time18:00

Mythological Cold Towers - The Vanished Pantheon

1.When the Solstice Reaches the Apogee09:39
3.The Shine of Lemurian Cataclysm10:06
4.Ancestral Solar Emblem09:05
5.The Vanished Pantheon07:06
Total playing time48:34

Pentacrostic - De Profundis

1.Intro: Odium Hominum02:08
2.The Giants Of Nordic Flames03:58
3.Cult Of Illusion04:08
4.The Suffering From A Blessing03:38
5.Thorny Ways05:55
6.The Hammer Of Silent Storms03:41
7.Beyond The Conscience03:46
8.Visions Of Death07:27
9.De Profundis...03:52
Total playing time38:58

Arkhôn Tôn Daimoniôn - Sarcrum Ex Operam Dare

Thorns of Evil - Pagan Black Metal - 2004

1.Let the Fools Perished05:59
2.Ancient Spirits of the Southern Lands04:51
3.Call for the War07:02
Total playing time26:01


Sextrash - Live in Belo Horizonte - 1990

Bootleg com 5 sons do Sextrash ao vivo em Belo Horizonte em 1990.

01. Alcoholic Mosh
02. Extreme Noise Terror (guitar problems)
03. Born For Burning[Bathory Cover]
04. Seduced by Evil
05. Sadistic Screams

Zarathustra (Ger) - In Hora Mortis - 2006

1.Periculum Mortis02:42
2.Souls Ejaculation08:06
3.Embrace Your Insanity07:05
4.Salvation from Being07:19
5.Crown of Creation08:48
7.Towards Perdition08:06
Total playing time47:25

Slayer (US) - Live Undead - 1984

1.Black Magic03:56
2.Die by the Sword04:01
3.Captor of Sin03:32
4.The Antichrist02:57
5.Evil Has No Boundaries02:54
6.Show No Mercy03:04
7.Aggressive Perfector02:32
Total playing time22:56

Desaster (Ger) - Divine Blasphemies - 2002

2.Divine Blasphemies03:49
3.Symphony Of Vengeance03:22
4.Beasts Of Wrath And Victory04:50
5....Of Impurity05:22
6.Alliance To The Powerthrone06:57
9.Spare No Coward03:12
10.Chants Of Grief (Outro)01:53
Total playing time40:33

Baalberith (Bra) - Escalada Triunfante

2.A Desgraça Dos Traidores04:48
3.Ritual Obscuro06:40
4.A Escalada Triunfante07:14
5.Deatrhoned Emperor (Celtic Frost)04:25
Total playing time30:21

Desdominus - Without Domain - 2003

1.Supremacia Underground03:37
2.Opposition Warrior05:19
3.Without Domain07:06
4.False Creator's Creator08:17
5.The Other Side... (Atheist Mind)02:08
7.Reality of Whispers Mine07:54
8.Ejaculate in your Stupidity04:19
9.The Fall and the Vision03:38
10.Judgement of the Souls06:55
Total playing time50:03

Miasthenia - Batalha Ritual - 2004

1.Necromânticos Ritos De Guerra06:07
2.Soturna Selvageria05:22
3.Dimensão Totêmica Ancestral03:54
4.De Natureza Infernal03:18
5.Sacrifício Final01:44
6.Nos Domínios De Cã05:18
8.Mítica Escuridão Do Eldorado02:23
9.Essência Canibalística18:36
Total playing time50:36

Eris Maestus - Confines of Chaos - demo 2002

1.Thoughts Insane04:41
2.Transform All Sufferings Into plagues (Rotting Christ Cover)05:26
4.Dark Ways II05:15
5.Morbid and Unfortunate Creature07:52
6.The Empire of the Dead King02:07
Total playing time29:56

Songe d'Enfer - My Visions In the Forest

1.Et Vidit Quod Esset Bonum... (Sublime Blasphemy)05:32
2.My Lady Princess of Hell (Conjuration to Gordon)05:35
3.My Visions In The Forest08:00
Total playing time19:07

Cruor Cultum - Blood Days On The Altar (2004)

1.Infernal Legion02:34
2.Enthroned Lucifer02:21
3.Aeons of Cruelty04:38
5.Powerful Trident01:27
6.Bloody Days on the Altar02:48
7.No Hope04:45
8.Decorus Serpens02:13
9.Engulfed by Dark Flames02:41
10.Force of Chaos02:42
11.Agents Representing of Evil and Darkness01:08
12.Agonizing in the Valley of the Death02:29
13.Apocalyptical Vociferation03:11
Total playing time34:31

Luxúria de Lillith - A Volúpia Infernal - 2005

1.Invocações (instrumental)00:49
2.Desejos Infames03:44
3.Da Morte para Todo Fim03:18
4.Delírios de uma Orgia Noturna03:01
5.Sombras (instrumental)00:18
6.A Dança da Maldita Profana04:33
8.Profanos Beijos de Sangue04:22
9.Luxúria de Lillith03:54
10.A Volúpia Infernal05:40
11.O Sarau dos Vampiros (Bônus)05:36
Total playing time37:48

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Incantation - Blasphemous Cremation (2008)


01. Rotting Spiritual Embodiment 05:39
02. Blasphemous Cremation 04:53
03. Godsend 05:29
04. Profanation 05:30
05. Christening the Afterbirth 05:47
06. Eternal Torture 03:48

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Hellacaust + Toxic Holocaust - split

Country : Canada/USA
Genre : Black Metal // Black Thrash
Year : 2004
Length : 37 mn
Tracklist :
Hellacaust :
1. Intro
2. Shadow of Sin
3. Heaven in Ashes
4. Apocalyptic Chaos
5. Unholy Legions
6. Hellacaust
Toxic Holocaust
7. Fallout
8. Evil Will Reign
9. Nuclear Attack
10. Blessed or Cursed
11. Hell on Earth
12. Satans Unholy Altar

Tsjuder - Atum Nocturnem (1999)

1. Sodomizing The Lamb
2. Beyond The Grave
3. Blasphemy
4. Kill For Satan
5. Lord Of Terror

Revenge (Can) - Infiltration.Downfall.Death 2008

1.Death Heritage (Built Upon Sorrow)04:30
2.Blood Noose (Hog-tied like Swine)03:40
3.Sterilization (Procreation Denied)04:41
4.By Force (The Only Option)04:24
5.Barbed Anti (No Remorse)04:55
6.Survival (The Absolute Truth)03:40
7.Final Doctrine (Push Forward)04:24
8.Cleansing Siege (Take Them Down)05:03
Total playing time35:17

PASS: vhohell

Conqueror (Can) - Anti-Christ Superiority - 1996

1.Ross Bay Damnation00:51
2.Chaos Domination (Conquer The Enslaver)05:30
3.Hammer Of Anti-Christ02:42
4.The Curse (Slaughter cover)01:55
5.Domitor Invictus06:05
Total playing time17:03


Conqueror (Can) - Hammer Of Antichrist - History of Annihilation - Best of/Compilation, 2003

1. Infinite Majesty
2. Chaos Domination (Conquer the Enslaver)
3. Age of Decimation
4. Kingdom against Kingdom
5. BloodHammer
6. Hammer of Antichrist
7. The Curse (Slaughter cover)
8. War Cult Supremacy
9. Domitor Invictus
10. Ross Bay Damnation (intro) / Chaos Domination (Conquer the Enslaver)
11. Hammer of Antichrist
12. The Curse (Slaughter cover)
13. Domitor Invictus
14. Christ Death (Sarcofago cover)
15. Command for Triumph
16. Hammer of Supremacy

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Pagan Altar - Jex Thoth/Pagan Altar - split 2007

Jex Thoth
1.Stone Evil

Pagan Altar
2.Walking In The Dark

Pagan Altar - The Time Lord - EP 2004

1.Highway Cavalier02:46
2.The Time Lord08:10
3.Judgement of the Dead06:58
4.The Black Mass05:52
Total playing time32:34

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Poison (Ger) - Further Down into the Abyss - 2006

Best of/Compilation

2.Lurking Fear (Originally titled "Yog-Sothoth")07:06
3.Slaves (of the Crucifix)09:29
4.Requiem/Alive (Undead)07:32
5.Satan Commands03:21
7.Zombie Dance05:43
8.Angel of Satan06:22
9.Alive (Undead)06:31
10.Wake the Dead07:44
11.Black Death03:14
13.Possessed (By Hell)02:04
Total playing time01:10:50

Pass: malphas

Aguynguerran - Perverting The Nazarene Cult [2008]

*Genero: Black Metal
*País: Belgium


1. Anathema Maranatha 01:36
2. Perverting The Nazarene Cult 05:49
3. Deathstab 03:18
4. Christreign Annihilation 06:29
5. Nazarenus Peritens 00:54
6. Epitome Of Your God 03:17
7. Mysterium Tremendum et Fascinans 04:59
8. Manifest 04:52
9. Assyria 06:41
10. Oath 04:07
11. Into Ataraxis 00:26
12. The Final Slaugther (Nifelheim cover) 04:52

As The Shadows Fall - As The Shadows Fall - 2002

2.Devouring The Weaks04:26
3.Deepest Blasphemies04:08
4.Ad Bestias03:53
5.From Man To God05:04
6.As The Shadows Fall04:48
7.Profanation (Desaster cover)03:35
8.Bonded By Blood (Exodus cover)03:50
9.Curse The Gods (Destruction cover)04:59
Total playing time38:30

Haizum (UK) - The Temple Of Diseased Flesh (2007)

01. Bleed For Him
02. The Temple Of Diseased Flesh
03. Dolor Hic Tibi Proderit Olim
04. Ascetic Devotion

Total playing time 13:57

Occult Black Metal

Darkened Nocturn Slaughtercult (Germany) - Hora Nocturna (2006)

01. Das All-Eine
02. Tempestous sermonizers of forthcoming death
03. Bearer of blackest might
04. Unearthing cosmic decay
05. Hora nocturna
06. Malignant deathcult
07. Cimonar de nuit
08. necromancy

Total playing time 41:35

Darkened Nocturn Slaughtercult (Germany) - Follow The Calls For Battle (2001)

01. Thanatos
02. Hora ruid
03. Follow The Calls for Battle
04. The Resentful Wanderer
05. Our Glorious Presence
06. Pestilential Deathride
07. Towards Berzenelon

Total playing time 27:22

Mystifier (Brazil) - Wicca (1992)

01. The Witch Voisin Recites Our Gloat
02. Osculum Obscenum
03. Tormentum Aeternum
04. Cursed Exerruciation
05. Defloration (The Antichrist Lives)
06. (Invocacione) The Almighty Sathanas
07. The Dark Kingdom (T.E.A. R)
08. An Elisabethan Devil - Worshipiper's Prayer-Book
09. Hyoscyamus Niger
10. Mystifier (Satan's Messengers)
11. Our Gloat (Outro)

Total playing time 55:51

Mystifier (Brazil) - Tormenting The Holy Trinity (1989)

01. The Witness (Intro)
02. Mystifier
03. Possession
04. Christian Proscription
05. Cursed Excruciation
06. Fierceness
07. Massacre (Bathory cover)
08. The Six Celestial Desires of the Virgin
09. The Almighty Satanas
10. Satan's Aberrations

Total playing time 28:41

Krypt (Norway) - Preludes to Death (2008)

01. Worthless
02. Krypt
03. I Am God
04. Misfits
05. Preludes to Death
06. Death
07. Jeg Hater Deg
08. Death Satan Black Metal
09. Hell's Grim Tyrant

Total playing time 50:29