quinta-feira, 5 de junho de 2008

Calvary Death - Jesus, Intense Weeping - 1994

death metal

1.Sacred With Blessed03:51
2.Penetrating In The Eternal Frost02:56
4.The Fall Of Lucifer02:35
5.I´m Spiring04:03
6.Reborn From Hell03:11
7.Spiritual Suffocation05:19
8.Predicting The Death03:26
9.Baptism Of Blood02:47
10.Jesus, Intense Weeping04:14
11.Suffering (Intro)00:12
12.Imortal Simbols04:31
13.Cursed Be04:09
14.Gritos Da Boca Do Inferno05:14
15.Sanctuary Of Eternal Pain03:39
Total playing time54:16


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