domingo, 29 de março de 2009

Sabbat - To Praise The Sabbatical Queen - best of

1.Gok Kan Ma05:02
2.Snow Woman05:53
3.Kamikaze Bomber04:45
5.Flame of the circle05:20
6.Possessed Hammer04:13
7.Black Metal Horses03:56
9.Mion's Hill (20th epic Gezol Version)07:15
10.Black Fire (20th Japanese/English Version)03:04
11.Arizigoku (Nokemono Cover)05:13
12.Evoke the Evil*05:06
13.Reversed Bible*03:30
14.Envenom Into the witch's hole*04:46
15.Disembody to the abyss*03:54
Total playing time01:13:13

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