quarta-feira, 21 de maio de 2008

Nuclear Death (US) - 1999 - The Planet Cachexial

1.Cachexial, Part 1: Cachexial, My Home Prison02:55
2.Raped by the Wiengod, Part 1: The Wiengod Appears03:59
3.Birthing of Slumberblood03:40
4.Grimalkin Be Spoiled03:21
5.The Ground Hath Noses01:45
7.Into Zyrèlyà01:20
8.Oh Father Death, Taketh Me!04:49
9.Wardance, Part 1: Ugly... Kill It! / Part 2: Children Must Die!02:52
10.Tis Ne'r over 'til the Fat Thing Screams01:08
11.Amanuensis to Basiliscus Pente00:44
Total playing time30:45


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