sábado, 17 de maio de 2008

Headhunter D.C. - ...And The Sky Turns To Black - 2000

1....And The Sky Turns To Black06:27
2.Falling In Perdition07:02
3.Beyond The Deepest Lie01:37
4.The Glory03:51
5.From Dream To Nightmare04:10
6.Eternal Hatred05:08
7.Conflicts Of The Dark And Light07:37


8. Flag of Hate (KREATOR-cover) 4:13
9. Sodomy and Lust (SODOM-cover) 4:57
10. Twisted Minds (POSSESSED-cover) 5:30
11. Blessed are the Sick / Desolate Ways (MORBID ANGEL-cover) 4:35
12. Álcool (DORSAL ATLANTICA-cover) 5:26


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