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Thou Art Lord - Diabolou Archaes Legeones - Best of/Compilation - 2002

1.For the Lust of Lilith04:18[view lyrics]
2.Disciples of Black Sorcery04:44[view lyrics]
3.Eosforos Rex Infernus05:11[view lyrics]
4.Towers of the Autumn Moon05:21[view lyrics]
5.A Call to Chaos (Kaos - Keraunos - Kybernetos)03:55[view lyrics]
6.Through the Eye of the Hierophant05:20[view lyrics]
7.Warhammer03:56[view lyrics]
8.The Era of Satan Rising05:47[view lyrics]
9.Hate is Thicker than Love06:03
10.Prelude to Apocalypse04:06[view lyrics]
11.Wardance of the Empress05:04[view lyrics]
12.He Whom the Gods Hath Feared04:45[view lyrics]
13.Societas Satanas04:14[view lyrics]
14.Excremental Magik05:36[view lyrics]
15.Moonsear04:29[view lyrics]
16.In Blood We Trust04:00[view lyrics]
Total playing time01:16:49


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